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About us

In 1905, Mr. Wang Yunqing founded ShenYu Meat Marketplace after being inspired by the idea of ​"conscientiousness and prudence". Celebrity chefs Cai Xinggen and Wang Alin took the advantage of the two northern and southern cooking methods at that time to cook this dish. The pork ribs are red in color, crispy, and succulent, with a unique flavor.

The thick sauce unique to ShenYu pork ribs makes it an ancestral recipe. The secret to the outstanding sauce ribs is not only the cooking, but also the unique selection of ingredients. The middle section of the rib is cut evenly and the ribs are surrounded by thick meat, fragrant but not woody.

In the century-old heritage, ShenYu Meat Marketplace has continued to innovate and strive for perfection, attracting many dignitaries, businessmen, and celebrities to the store. Since then, the Wuxi Pork Ribs from Shenyu Meat Marketplace has been popular all over the country for nearly half a century, becoming the representative of Wuxi. As a direct-sale restaurant of Shenyu Meat Marketplace, Suhang Restaurant has brought this Wuxi Sauce Pork Ribs in New York with a recipe that has been passed down for a hundred years.