Wuxi Sauce Spare Ribs, together with Huishan Clay Man and Qingshui Oily Gluten, are the three famous products in Wuxi, and are also the traditional famous dishes of Wuxi local cuisine. Suhang inherited the brand of Shenyu Meat Zhuang. Using a 100-year-old recipe, the ribs are very crispy, and they are deboned with a single tap. The meat is tender and juicy, tender but not fat, and melts in the mouth.



Compared with other styles of Xiaolongbao, Wuxi Xiaolongbao has the characteristics of “more stuffing, big size”, rich and sweet soup, and the use of “tight yeast” as the dough. There are four Xiaolongbaos in one serve. You can see the swaying gravy through the thin skin.



For delicious pan-fried, it must have a thin skin and a lot of meat filling, and the bottom of it must be crispy and fragrant. The most important thing is that the juice must be sufficient, and it must be perfect to eat the feeling of a cage of steamed dumplings. Especially after biting it, there will be a full bag of soup, the soup is mixed with the aroma of pork, it is delicious and satisfying.



The unique feature of Huadiao Wine Chicken is that the chicken is well cooked, but the taste is not too old and woody, and it is very tender. The taste is lighter, with a slight wine aroma, which brings out the umami taste of the chicken. The best is the chicken skin, which is smooth and has a crunchy texture.



The fresh soup in the noodles with pickled vegetables and shredded pork looks very clear, but one sip is full of rich and delicious aftertaste, which can instantly lighten your taste buds. To boil this pot of clear soup, you need to simmer for several hours with beef bones and chicken on a low heat, then add minced meat when it comes out of the pot to absorb the impurities in the soup, and finally pick up the minced meat.


The Signature Hot and Sour Soup is an appetizer rich in ingredients in a large bowl, including bamboo shoots, shredded tofu, pork, etc., as well as oily gluten that has been boiled to soften bubbles and soaks up the soup. The braised beef tendon is shredded in the soup, the beef is full of aroma, and the taste is soft and elastic.